Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love is Overrated

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog and it'll be about my unpopular opinions. But what qualifies as 'unpopular'? Hmmm, let's say if at least 60% of the general public think otherwise, then I will be the unpopular one, haha!

Since it's my first time, I'm gonna talk about something that would probably solicit much violent reactions from you my dear blog visitors and blog hoppers. That should translate to more comments, haha!

"Love is Overrated."

The first time I thought of this was when I received a message from a friend asking to write something about the 'philosophy on love'. Of course, I could stick to the artsy pantsy cliches like love is blind or love is never jealous, etc.. I didn't want to pick out something from books or the movies. So bigla ko na lang naisip, love is overrated. :)

As expected, whenever we saw each other, they would react to my testimony.. Common initial reactions were, "Ang bitter mo naman yata!". On the contrary. Although I must admit, I went through my own periods of bitterness on love, hehe.. whew! My heart has its own share of 'down' moments. But at that time, I really wasn't bitter anymore. But I'm not saccharine about it either.

Before you judge me, hehe, let me explain myself.

Love is overrated for me because I hate the way most people equate happiness with love alone.. "self-centered".. I mean, there's more to life than finding 'the one' for you. If you're in love, then good for you. But if you're not, it should not take it toll on your self-perception either.

To love is probably the best thing that could happen in your life. Note that my operative word is 'probably', hehe. You see, I haven't been most lucky when it comes to this. Reciprocated love is too elusive for me, hehe. But I'm okay with it. These days, you won't ever find me sulking up in one corner, wondering haplessly why the hell I'm still single at (*th) sshHh secret.. hehe :) Like I said, minsan din akong naging bitter melon. But I'm through that phase. I'm through feeling bad about myself when I shouldn't be at all.

Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako magkaka relation muli. Feeling ko na nga, tatanda na akong dalaga, haha! But while I'm still single, I'm gonna enjoy my life to the fullest with my family. For now, I'd rather vent all the 'love' I could give to my family and some friends, who all deserve it. But when I finally meet 'the one', yeeee :) I'm gonna make sure I'm gonna enjoy its perks to the fullest either. Pana-panahon lang iyan.. :)

Sabi ko na eh, this topic is gonna elicit some warmer response, because apparently, everyone has an opinion on love, hehe.

Anyway, I'm gonna clear something, lest I be mistaken for a love grinch! =p

I'm not saying that LOVE SUCKS. I'm just saying it's kinda OVERRATED though only the people who don't know what love is would think LOVE is overrated.. Because I hate people who sulk in dark corners just because they weren't so lucky in love. I've been through that phase. But now that I have a better perspective, I have realized that feeling sorry for oneself is one of the worst things that you could do to yourself.

Having said this, I also hate people who over-grieve their lost loves. I know, mending a broken heart is not an easy task. In fact, it takes gargantuan effort to do so. But given enough time to let yourself heal, you should be okay. But after that mourning period, you should go back to appreciating your self and not let past heartbreaks ruin what you have at present. Life must go on, move forward!

Lastly, I think I should have said, "Romance is overrated", hehe! Because love comes in many forms. =p

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